A.list efforts taken to protect Americans from communism and how these policies affected right.

Anticommunist Policy
  • Red Scare
  • Smith act
  • Hollywood Ten
  • Black List

Effect on right
  • Alger Hiss
  • McCarthyism
  • Joseph R.McCarthy
  • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
B. As you read, identify similarities and differences between the Hiss case and the Rosenderg case. Consider both the facts and the impact of the two spy cases.

Alger Hiss

  • Accused of stealing
  • a government employee who had helped organize the united Nations.
  • Hiss denied everthing before HUACbut was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • accusd of stealing governemts documentIn 1948, Whittaker Chamber, a former

  • Hiss denied everthing before HUAC but was sentenced to five years in prison
  • Accused of passing on atomic secrets
  • Who were accused of passing secret information about nuclear science to Soviet agents.
  • The Rosenbergs claimed that they were being Persecuted because they were Jewish and held unpopular beliefs.Both

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    Tough Job
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